Monday, January 09, 2006

Ahern has full confidence in McDowell

Does +=?

Nice to know even though our Justice Minister (the love child of Cheney and Rove?) has carried out what can only be called a political assassination on Frank Connolly and the CPI that Bertie is standing by his man. See article under News Highlights.

So its ok for a Minister to use his Dail privileges to denounce the head of an independent group,get their funding withdrawn,hand over a Garda file to a newspaper(which funnily enough had been very supportive of McD) and then Bertie says thats ok! What does McD have on Bertie,lol!

What threat, other than revealing the truth on issues it may investigate in the public interest, can the CPI pose?

It does seem strange though that a party with less than 4% of the vote can have such high profile Ministers in office or maybe I'm being subversive in my thoughts. Better not tell McD or who knows what he will do!

Fingers crossed in the next election that McD and his PD cohorts are sent into the history books.



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