Friday, February 03, 2006

Irish Indo ignoring reality as usual

There's a sickening article about Paul Wolfowitz in todays Irish Indo that made my toes curl!
'Wolf' puts on fluffy sheep's clothing
Seems that whatever hack threw the piece together obviously didnt do their research. One only has to pick up any Financial Times over the last few weeks to find many articles detailing that the 'head of the World Bank with a passion for helping millions stuck in poverty' is facing a near mutiny in the World Bank due to his questionable management style. He has been stacking the upper echelons of the WB with prominent Neocons(no surprise there really) and has been severely criticised for his abrasive management style.

Those FT links are here although registration is required so I have included other links of relevance below.

World Bank receives complaint on Wolfowitz aides
Wolfowitz aides spark World Bank dispute
Staff urge Wolfowitz to follow procedures
Wolfowitz urged to use normal job procedures
World Bank staff told to treat 'integrity' unit as ally
World Bank turmoil over Wolfowitz crusade
Questions raised about Wolfowitz management style


Wolfowitz Watch
Wolfowitz Triggers Graft Storm at World Bank
Far from Abu Ghraib, some answers about the Bush regime's conduct are buried at the World Bank


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