Tuesday, March 28, 2006

So much to absorb!

Been away for a while but now I'm back it time to try and get back on top of things.

I see our Justice Minister has been making the headlines for the wrong reasons, yet again! I think I'll skip the nazi jibes and his pathetic apology for now as I'm utterly sick of writing about him. I think the best thing we could all do is ignore the man and lets watch his sense of self importance deflate as we turn the other cheek :)
However it is good to see that the suspicous parcel sent to his office today turned out to be a hoax and not actually a bomb or some anthrax.
But these kind of pranks only give McD the upper hand in being able to rise above these actions and no doubt we won't be hearing the end of how it was a republican plot against him....yada yada....or maybe it was the green party members who wanted to finish what they started during the riot etc etc. It's going to be painful to hear the wee feck make use of this stupid prank!

In other parts of the world its great to see the ETA finally call a permanent truce with many news outlets hailing the work of Fr Reid,Sinn Fein and certain IRA members in making it happen.

I'm very much looking fwd to reading the latest from Blum, Pilger and Ritter. I'll link to their latest pieces after I get a chance to read them. But for now back to work :(


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