Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Iraq war could cost 2 trillion!

Three years ago, as America was preparing to go to war in Iraq, there were few discussions of the likely costs. When Larry Lindsey, President Bush’s economic adviser, suggested that they might reach $200 billion, there was a quick response from the White House: that number was a gross overestimation.

Points to note:
Lindsey was fired by Bush, because his estimate was three times higher than the $70 billion guess that the Bushcons used to mislead America about the burden of the war.
Also they do not account for the costs that the war on terror has cost to civil liberties,if it is possible to put a figure on freedom.

How the hell do you carry out a war on terror anyway?Its a war on a freakin word! Arent wars usually fought against countries or people?Correction:Arent wars usually fought against poor countries or poor people?? Screw picking a fight with a rich country that can defend itself! That just isnt the American way.


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